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Professional Tree Trimming and Tree Removal

Tree Service Bee Ridge, FL

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Are you searching for the best tree service professionals in Bee Ridge, FL? Look no further than Sarasota Tree Service Experts. We can provide trimming, pruning, removals, land cleaning, and emergency tree services in and around the Sarasota area. Ask yourself, have you noticed strange growths on your trees? This strange lump on your tree might actually be signal that your tree is sick. Many common tree diseases offer appear as lumps or bumps on your tree, or you may even notice fungus appear. So, what exactly causes these tree diseases to appear? Well, there are a lot of different potential causes, but the best explanation starts with the fact that fungi are looking for a place to grow, including cuts or abrasions on your tree.

Moving forward, even if your tree is not diseased, you still may need annual tree care services. For example, you may be in need for general trimming and pruning. Remember that even in Florida' warm climate, pruning your trees in winter is always the best season for this job. Why? Because just like us, trees like to hibernate in the winter—and by that, we don’t mean that they like to run inside and hide of the cold. Instead, they go dormant. This means that their growth is put on pause until warmer weather returns. Because they are dormant, they are able to hand cuts and injuries better than during the midst of their growing season. As they hold on throughout the winter, they’re able to heal the cuts from pruning and trimming and make room for new growth to appear.

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Professional Tree Removal and Tree Care Services

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In addition to tree pruning and diagnosing tree diseases, one of our other most popular services is land clearing. Similar to tree removal, this service is far more extensive. Often, we will have to perform tree removals, stump removals, and tree trimming throughout our lot clearing process. Instead of taking down one specific tree, we will have to take down a number of trees or even acres of trees to complete the project. Our staff is happy to offer our land clearing services to residential customers for smaller, at-home projects, like making room for a new swimming pool or outdoor entertainment area. We’re also pleased to work with commercial businesses on large scale projects to clear the land for new factories, business parks, shopping centers, schools, golf courses, city parks, and much more.

While some consider opting for DIY tree trimming, it's best to always leave it to the experts. Our staff will always have the extensive amount of equipment needed to do the job right. We also will be trained to use the equipment properly and safely; however, that doesn't mean you should ever hesitate to reach out to us with questions. Working with our staff at Sarasota Tree Service Experts, we are always happy to share our tree care knowledge with local customers in Bee Ridge, FL. To learn more about all our services or set up a consultation, contact us today.

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