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Tree Service Southgate, FL

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Working with our team at Sarasota Tree Service Experts in Southgate, FL, you will quickly see that we provide the best tree care in the business. We are dedicated to customer service and 100 percent customer satisfaction. When it comes to tree trimming, it's important to learn like the basics like how to trim, how to often to trim, and what time of year to trim. So, before we go any further, take a moment to look at your trees. Do you notice that any of broken or fallen branches? If you have multiple trees, do their limbs or roots seem to be crossing over one another? If you have trouble answering these questions, call our staff and we can assist. The end goal of taking a closer look at your trees is to see if any additional care needs to be given.

Typically, the best care plan for your trees involved annual trimming. This means that our technicians will come to your property to cut off any dying limbs or decaying branches. They’re even out the structure of the tree and ensure that there are no potential safety hazards present. It’s important to understand that a cut made during our pruning service is actually considering a tree injury—but, it’s done with purpose. By trimming off older branches, it makes way for new growth. Not to mention, it makes your tree look cleaner and less crowded. It allows for better air circulation and sunlight to shine through to all its branches, even those on the lower parts of the tree.

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Professional Tree Removal and Tree Care Services

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We get a lot of questions regarding the best ways to trim a tree and the best time to trim a tree. Additionally, another question we are often asked evolves around planting trees. While there is no solid answer, we typically do our best to give our customers our most educated guess. Consider this: you obviously don’t want to plant a tree in the middle of winter. Most trees are dormant during the cooler months, so no growth typically takes place. On the other hand, you never want to plant a tree in the middle of the summer. With the strong Florida sun beating down, you’ll be setting that little sapling up for disaster. So, when is the best time for planting new trees? We suggest you do your best to aim for the spring or beginning of fall. In doing so, the tree will likely have the best weather conditions to thrive and survive its first few months. After it gets passed that, it will need regular care like all the other trees on your property.

While we’ve been through proper tree care techniques and we’ve even discussed when to plant your trees, there seems to be only one thing left to answer: what kind of trees should you have on your property in Florida? Well, to answer that, we’d have to find out a little more information about your unique property and circumstance. If you’re curious, set up a consultation with our staff. To learn more about all our tree services in Southgate, FL, call our team at Sarasota Tree Service Experts.

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