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Professional Tree Trimming and Tree Removal

Tree Service Vamo, FL

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Working with our team at Sarasota Tree Service Experts, you’ll quickly see that our staff has learned the true value and worth of healthy trees in Vamo, FL. With many years in the tree care industry providing tree trimming and pruning, along with tree removal and 24-hour emergency services, it's safe to say we know a thing or two about keeping your landscape healthy year-round. Did you know that trees can add a significant value to your home? Therefore, we hope that you not only stop to look at the beautiful today, but strive to keep your trees healthy and green for many years to come.

To help you understand the value of our services, it’s important to understand the value of trees themselves. For starters, trees are pretty self-reliant, especially in their natural habitat in the wild. When we begin to take them out of their comfort zone and bring them into cities or suburbs, that’s when they become susceptible to disease. For the most part, trees don’t require frequent attention, they just require regular attention. That means that as long as you are having your property cared for a few times a year, you’ll be in good shape for taking a proactive approaching in sustaining your tree’s well-being. Another factor to help in mind that influence trees in construction. While we offer tree removal and land clearing services for a variety of reasons, it is slightly painful to see a large acreage of trees taken down to make room for another building or housing development.

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Professional Tree Removal and Tree Care Services

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Regardless, we strive to not only care for tree but plant new ones as well. We know that one of our specialties is removal, but if we can replace what we remove, we feel we are still helping our environment. Now, if you are interested in planting new species on your residential or commercial property, we are more than happy to help you with that project. We can help you decide what type of trees you’d like to plant, where the best location would be to plant them, and what time of year would be best to ensure successful growth. In Florida, we have the luxury of a warm climate year-round, which gives us many opportunities to plant new trees; however, another issue we often battle is hurricane season. While construction and removals are devastating to tree populations, severe weather in the largest contributing factor to tree death and injury with our communities.

At Sarasota Tree Service Experts, we’re here to help prepare your trees for the worst—and this include hurricanes, powerful winds, lighting, and heavy rain. We’ll work to ensure that they have a strong base at the roots to stand strong even when Mother Nature gives us her worst. Likewise, we’ll examine your current branch layout to see if there are any hazards limbs that should be removed to prevent potential damage from happening to your property during a storm. If you have additional concerns about the trees on your property, we will address those and formulate a plan of action for resolution.

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