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Can You Diagnose Common Tree Diseases?

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Yes; Working with our team at Sarasota Tree Service Experts, we will be able to help you identify and control tree diseases on your property. Our certified arborists have had many year of experience diagnosing a lot list of illnesses present in trees in and around the Sarasota, FL region. While most trees and plants do will to sustain themselves in the wild, bringing them into civilizations—like neighborhoods and urban environments—presents new challenges for these living things. From bacteria to fungi, there are many contributing factors to why a tree might contract a disease. Typically, it’s difficult to notice that your tree has become sick. To the untrained eye, your tree may look completely healthy. That’s why it’s important to seek out the help and advice of our professional tree service.

To understand different diseases, you’ll want to understand the main factors they cause them. For anyone who is not a certified arborists, it’s not likely that you know or even care to understand the science behind this; however, to put it in simple terms, tree diseases depend on three main factors: local environment, host, and pathogens. When all three of these get together, it can form the perfect storm to create the downfall of your beloved trees. To combat these forces, our team will look to target them individually. We’ll first examine the host tree, then check for pathogens (better known as harmful bacteria), and then we’ll inspect the surrounding environment. In doing so, we’re able to diagnose exactly what illness your tree has contracted and hopefully determine a proper treatment plan to nurse the treat back to health.

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What are common tree diseases in Florida?

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Just like any sickness we catch as humans, different trees deal with sickness in different ways. To resolve most common tree diseases, our arborists will suggest a plan of action that includes everything from routine tree trimming to irrigation tactics or applying a chemical substance. Take ball moss or Spanish moss for example. While both are not deadly or parasitic, they can lead to the eventual death of a tree. When one of these mosses begins to take shape on a host tree, it typically plants itself on the lower branches, out of the way of light and in a shady area of the tree. Overtime, these mosses will soak up moisture in the air or rain water, and when this happens they begin extremely heavy. In this way, they will begin to strain and put stress on the branches of the trees. Then, as the tree begins to weaken, branches will begin to break or snap off.

While this is just one example of many diseases, these mosses are curable—at least temporarily. Our team will combine multiple tactics, using manual removal and a chemical spray, to relive the tree of this pest. Although this seems relatively simple, not all tree diseases are this issue to cure. There is no DIY-cure to tree diseases, and you must seek out the support of an expert tree care professional if you do suspect your tree has fallen ill. To learn more, contact our team at Sarasota Tree Service Experts.

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